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A NEW product once again from Miao Miao Vegetarian. A Yummy Vegan herbal broth that will satisfy all soup fans. With premium Hericium mushrooms and Lotus Seed, Red Dates, Ginger, Angelica and Wolfberry. A soup base that requires a long preparation is here for us to enjoy with a bowl of noodles. An instant satisfying meal that requires no cooking. Just warm up the soup and add noodles for a delicious soothing meal.


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Glutinous rice has been savoured across Asia as a dish which becomes translucent, shiny and extremely sticky.  It's a unique rice variety, and its sweetish flavour make it a versatile dessert too. The key to getting the right choice is in the texture of the cooked rice and whether it will be fluffy, creamy or sticky. Flygod's homemade Glutinous Rice has a very pleasant flavour and is suitable as both sweet and savoury dishes, making it easy to pull off at home. Simply put it in a steamer and watch it loaded with mushrooms, spices and other ingredients, plus a flavourful sauce that's all cooked. Flygod V Mart Vegan Glutinous Rice Buy these...


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Delightfully soft buns filled with pleasant surprises