Fancy delight stuffed buns

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Fancy delight stuffed buns

Proudly made in Singapore, our buns are made with a variety of fillings that are incredibly comforting. 

Delicious and mouth-watering beauties which are popular as a street food too in Asian countries.

Each dough ball are baked to its yummy golden, no wonder they are the top choices for every Singaporean's favourite breakfast and tea-time goodness. 

Char Siew Bun 叉烧包

Butter Bun 牛油包

Mushrooms Chicken Bun 牛油包

Lor Bak Bun 卤肉包

Fish Fillet Bun 鱼柳包

Red Bean Paste 红豆沙馅

Yam Paste 芋泥馅


Bread buns stuffed with your favourite singapore delights.叉烧包-牛油包-香菇鸡包-卤肉包-鱼柳包
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