Preparing your meal in the natural and healthful way

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Preparing your meal in the natural and healthful way

The ready meals market is expected to grow at an exponential rate due mainly to the changing eating behaviour especially among busy working adults. Younger consumers across the globe are driving the demand for such convenience products owing to their busy lifestyle.
Satisfy Your Ready Meal Cravings With These 7 asian meals popular in Singapore and Malaysia.
Vegan Fun Choy Rice 纯素饭菜
Vegan Eight Treasure Rice 纯素八宝饭
Vegan Nasi Lemak 纯素椰浆饭
Vegan Curry Fish Ginger Rice 纯素咖喱鱼黄姜饭
Vegan Glutinous Rice Chicken 纯素糯米鸡
Vegan Braised Duck Rice 红烧鸭饭
Vegan Chicken Rice 纯素鸡饭

Quick cook rice loaded with lots of ingredients

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