There is a paste for everyone.

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There is a paste for everyone.

Many Singaporeans love cooking and enjoy making their own dishes. Cook without the fuss with these convenient, ready paste. Having the right flavourful base is the start of your every creation. You will find the right paste which suits your taste and the needs of your dish.

The Pomodoro pasta sauce is made from a combination of fresh tomatoes and basil. It is completely smooth and thick when cooked down over time. This vegetarian version of the traditional Pomodoro sauce is flexible and adaptable. Definitely a must have for making baked pasta or simple spaghetti.

Pomodoro Sauce
We have added a variety of ingredients to our White Cream Sauce to transform it into something more flavoursome. A mayonnaise-based like sauce and its tasty flavour make it dangerously addictive. Creamy and delicious which always go well for your tortiglioni pasta with salad and toasted Italian bread.

Italian White Cream

"Lei Cha" 擂茶 is a traditional rice dish with vegetables, starring in a bowl of tea soup accompanied by several toppings such as nuts, tofu etc. “Lei Cha” literally translates into “thunder tea rice” in English, which also refers to the sound made when pounding and grinding all the ingredients in a huge mortar and pestle. Our "Lei Cha" sauce is a cross between green tea and vegetable soup. If you prefer to eat with Brown rice, the nuts, tofu, and lots of vegetable dish could be the most healthy one for all at home.

Leicha Paste

It is said that an average Korean adult consumes at least one serving of kimchi a day. It's been part of traditional Korean cuisine, the fermented cabbage and other vegetables is believed to keep one's skin and hair healthy. You should try this and be surprised how delicious is the vegetarian adaptation of the traditional kimchi.


Korean Kimchi

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