Taiwan Ginger Drink

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Taiwan Ginger Drink (10g x 10 tea bags)

Ingredients: Ginger, Brown Sugar

  • Ginger tea is the best drink in the cold winter.It’s special spicy taste can make our body warm quickly and good for our health.And ginger tea also a common  traditional drink in Chinese.
  • KINGKUNG's ginger tea is strictly carefully selected one year Taiwanese ginger.And we use brown sugar,so don’t worry about being too sweet.
  • You can smell the thick aroma of ginger and taste a little bit spicy from ginger. With the brown sugar, ginger tea will taste sweet and it can reduce the spicy of ginger.Ours drinks focus on the original flavor of ginger, so our flavor maybe more spicy than other ones.
  • Powder packaging for easy carrying and brewing, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and quickly warm the body.Do not  be afraid of the cold in winter.Our product is very convenient for you to drink it at any time.