SouperMum EYELOVEU (亮睛宝 免煮 天然浓缩 独配精华 )

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100% Natural Ingredients
No Sugar Added
No Preservative
No Artificial Colouring
Suitable for Vegetarian

SOUPERMUM is made of all natural ingredients and freshly packaged.  The soup bag would get slightly damp occasionally due to its high moisture content.  It's normal and please consume at ease.

No-cook, simplicity and convenience, natural and delicious tonic vegetarian tonic soup.

Product of Malaysia

Net Weight: 17g x 6s

This soup protects the liver and clears body heat.  Not only does it improve eyesight, but it also boosts body immunity.  Carrots are added to the recipe, which makes the taste sweet refreshing.  It is suitable for children who are having tired eyes due to excessive screen time as well as easily getting irritable for staying up late every night.

Ingredients: Chinese Yam, Red Dates, Goji, Codonopsis, Dried Longan, Poria, Dendrobium Nobile, Nux Prinsepiae, Dehydrated Carrot, Himalayan Rock Salt and Natural Seasoning.