Self Heating Curry Rice MAMA VEGE 自热素食懒人咖喱饭 (260g)

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24Hours Nasi Kandar be with you!

All you need is a cup of water! Very easy to prepare Malaysian style curry rice!

❌No Fire needed ❌No electricity needed ❌No Hot Water Needed

Product name: MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Self-Heating Curry Rice
Product weight: 260g/pack
Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct heat and sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated.
Product shelf life: 18 months
Serving size: 1 person per pack
Spiciness level: 2/5 spiciness
Ingredient used: Water, Curry Powder, Cooking Oil, Coconut Milk, Galangal, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Candlenut, Curry Leaves, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Pandan Leaf, Sugar, Salt, Potato, Rice, Chinese Cabbage, Carrot, Mushroom, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Corn Starch, Yeast Extract, Permitted Flavouring

Type of vegetarian: Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian

What’s in the box
1x Curry Paste
1x Rice
1x Vegetable Flakes
1x Spoon & Fork
1x Heating Pack


Product Specifications
Rich Curry Taste
Contain our Malaysia’s local taste, using Rempah to cook a strong aroma of curry. Eat whenever you like, anywhere you want!


Fragrance Rice
The fragrance smell of northeastern rice could even restore the soft taste of freshly cooked rice from our home


The product is plant-based add on with the selection of high-quality ingredients, no meat is added in the product, which is very suitable for vegetarians and also received positive feedback from non-vegetarians people.


Special designed 2 in 1 container 
There are 2 tanks in the container. 1 tank used to place curry sauce while another tank used to place rice and vegetable flakes. Therefore, the good smell and sweetness of rice will not be affected by curry sauce. 


Innovative design steamboat box
The high-quality steamboat box that can be heated by multiple air passages, quickly heating up, and evenly heated, with vent holes reserved to prevent heating bursts. 
Thickening design - use product grade PP5 which can withstand high temperature to 120℃ (Safe to Use)
Easy to open - contain rough grain design, easy to open and eat
Exhaust design - effectively prevent steam scald


It only takes 10-12 minutes to cook a bowl of tasty curry rice. Saves time and effort for a more nutritious life.


Ingredients: Water, Curry Powder, Cooking Oil, Coconut Milk, Galangal, Lemongrass Turmeric, Candlenut, Curry Leaves Kaffir Lime Leaves. Pandan Leaves, Sugar, Salt. Potato, Rice, Chinese Cabbage, Carrol, Mushroom Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Corn Starch, Yeast Extract, Permitted Vegetable Flavouring.

24小时都能吃得到的“Nasi Kandar” .


❌不需开火 ❌不需用电 ❌不需热水


产品名称:MAMAVEGE 自热素食懒人咖喱饭
保存期: 18个月
产品份量: 1人份/包
产品辣度: 2/5 辣度
产品包含: 咖喱酱料,米饭,蔬菜干,餐具,发热包
成分: 水,咖喱粉,食用油,椰浆,高良姜,香茅,黄姜,烛果,咖喱叶,青柠叶,班兰叶,糖,盐,马铃薯,大米,大白菜,红萝卜,香菇,水解植物蛋白质,玉米淀粉,酵母味素,食品调味素


1x 咖喱酱料
1x 米饭
1x 蔬菜干
1x 餐具(汤匙&叉)
1x 发热包


带着我们本地风味, 浓厚的rempah煮出来的咖喱香味, 想几时吃就几时次








加厚设计 - 采用食品级PP5, 能耐高温至120°, 安心使用
方便开启 - 粗纹设计,方便打开食用
排气设计 - 有效防止蒸汽烫伤