Mustard Cheese Balls 芥末乳酪球

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VEGEFARM-Your Frozen Expert

AII VEGEFARM products are 100% vegetarian, and contain no meat, poultry or fish. Our products are guaranteed to be free of preservatives and harmful substances. VEGEFARM foods can be cooked using an oven, grill, or stove They can be prepared in a similar fashion to the way you do meat and poultry, but often in much quicker time. They're delicious, tasty and easy to prepare.

Pioneer of Healthy Living "Ingeniously tasty" is our goal. We create delicious
vegetarian gourmet to satisfy your taste buds without burdening your body or our environment. You can count on VEGEFARM to bring you the highest quality of meatless cuisines.

Defrosting: Defrost in refrigeration.

There's absolutely no preservative in our products.