Fried Shredded Cabbage with Pure Coconut Oil (Vegan) 素食葱油 【全素】(230g)

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Buy Vegan groceries online delivery. A delicious authentic Chinese recipe is not complete without sprinkling these chopped vegetarian "onions". The vegetarian version is made with coconut oil, fried shredded cabbage.

The crispy fried shredded cabbage is great for flavouring and also as a garnish. They can be sprinkled onto all your favourite dishes including noodles, congee, soups.

So convenient and ready to use whenever you need it. You can even sprinkle some on your open toast or bruschetta. 

我期待已久的素葱油终于完成了研究了几个月 终于做出最好吃的素葱油
我们采用了有机的椰子油来制作 非常健康 吃多不怕
椰子油本身有月桂酸可以帮助头脑 预防老人痴呆营养价值很高 食用椰子油中链脂肪酸吃多也不容易导致肥胖问题 还有重点是油不会氧化造成自由基 
我们的素葱油绝对让您吃什么都会想用他 肯定会让您的菜肴加分哦 我已不能自拔了每一餐都会用到他
我们家的素葱油试了您就知道 店里已经有开始出售了 快来入手一瓶吧