SouperMum GOOD9 (好享睡 免煮 天然浓缩 独配精华 )

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100% Natural Ingredients
No Sugar Added
No Preservative
No Artificial Colouring
Suitable for Vegetarian

SOUPERMUM is made of all natural ingredients and freshly packaged.  The soup bag would get slightly damp occasionally due to its high moisture content.  It's normal and please consume at ease.

No-cook, simplicity and convenience, natural and delicious tonic vegetarian tonic soup.

Product of Malaysia

Net Weight: 17g x 6s

Formulated for mind calming and body nourishing.  Regulating the body and mind to improve your sleep quality.  You will feel relaxed naturally and break free from the stress!  The soup is made out of all natural ingredients to solve the problem of sleeplessness.

Candied Dates, Yu Zhu, Goji, Lotus Seeds, Chinese Yam, Gordon Euryale Seed, Poria Cocos, Dried Longan, Coastal Glehnia, Spine Date Seed, Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber, Thinleaf Milkwort Root, Himalayan Rock Salt and Natural Seasoning.