Smoked Plum Drink

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The smoked plum drink is ideal for drinking in the summer. Because it tastes sour and refreshing can solve the problem of thirst. Smoked plum drink not only is a delicious drink but also is a healthy drink.

 Our smoked plum drink just use the smoked plum and sugar, so you can smell the unique aroma of the smoked plum. And just add sugar can tastes the original flavor of plums and sweet aftertaste.

Powder packaging for easy carrying and brewing, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and quickly beat the heat in the hot summer.According to your preference, you can add hot or cold water to make smoked plum drink has different kinds of flavor. If you brew for ice one, you would cool down. If you brew for hot ,you would warm heart and spleen.Two ways make you have different experience.

And the amount of water can be more or less depending on your preference.If you like the taste of more acid and sweet, you can reduce water, so that it will be more suitable for your taste

30g x 10 teabags