Miao Miao Vegetarian Spicy Mixing Sauce 香辣干捞酱

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Finally arrived in Singapore. Latest Chilli Paste from Miao Miao Vegetarian you can add to any of your favourite dishes. If you are the type who enjoy hot stuff like Mala Hotpot and Chilli Padi, you will surely love the pain from this Chilli paste.


这独特香辣干捞酱在拌面时就是不一样 味道独特 香味扑鼻 拌面的当儿您就会闻到一股香辣的味道 肯定让您吃了停不了口哟
我们采用了进口的橄榄油 也用上等的辣油特别调制了好吃的酱料Miao Miao 香辣干捞酱就是不一样
在拌面之前 请“摇晃”瓶子 让里面的辣油可以均匀融合一起就可以了 这样拌起面来更是好吃😋

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